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Bringing e-commerce and interactive videos together for an international children's technology brand.

Augmented reality, coding robots, wearable tech, and interactive storybooks are just some of the innovative products offered by our client, Pai Technology. With such an amazing line up of technology and educational applications, we had to help generate a digital space that helped kids and adults easily shop, play, and actively learn all at the same time. 

Web Design and Development, Brand Voice, Analytics and SEO, Brand Experience via web presence

Mobile Responsive Web Design Visionary Playground
Branding Agency Dallas - Visionary Playground
Mobile Responsive Web Design - Visionary Playground

For Pai Technology's our goal was to design a digital space that allowed both children and their parents to browse the brand's latest technology while also creatively showcasing the products in an interactive and engaging way. Through a series of strategically placed promotional videos, our team was able to target specific users that gave younger users an entirely different user-experience than their parents.

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