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An e-commerce shopping experience focused on brand positioning.

Botanicool, where the coolest plants on the block live. Their custom-designed products bring life to any table, desk, or space. The days of having all of your plants in a clay pot or mosaic tile planter are long gone. Why not give that plant more life — a life of style. People like to look and feel good, so we thought, why can’t your leafy friends do the same?

Logo Design, Identity and Voice, Brand Positioning and Strategy, Web Design and Development for E-Commerce, Packaging, Product Labels, and Product Photography

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Our goal, with Botanicool, was to develop a site that functions as a big business while operating as a small business. With such an incredible company and idea, we understood that everything, from their branding to their website had to match the level of quality.

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Packaging and Branding Design - Visionary Playground
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Botanicool’s website is an e-commerce platform that gives shoppers an amazing user experience. We ensured beautiful product and lifestyle photography to match the aesthetic of the products themselves.

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